How Does Sexual Life Affect After Hernia Repair Surgery?

Hernia is a pretty common condition, though the disorder can easily disrupt your daily life. The easiest way out to get over the disorder is to get surgically treated. A hernia repair surgery involves the procedure to treat the protrusion from beneath the skin and to close the defect in the abdominal wall. A surgical mesh, in natural tissue or synthetic fibre, is the most commonly used material to treat the same.


Postoperative care after hernia repair

The immediate post-op care is complete rest and medication to relieve the pain after the effect of anaesthesia goes off. The laparoscopic hernia repair lets patients to return to their normal routine faster though. Traditional surgery takes more time, as the pain and discomfort persist for longer. There is a follow-up visit to the doctor soon after the surgery when the stitches are removed, medications revised and further treatment, if required, are prescribed.

hernia operation

Hernia surgery affecting sex life

While it takes few days to few months to get back to normal routine, the impact on sexual life can differ from person to person. The patient might be recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for few days to few weeks, and that varies as per:

  • The location of your hernia
  • Type of repair surgery
  • Age and overall health of the patient
  • Complications during the procedure, if any

Is there any erectile dysfunction?

Not really. In case of inguinal hernia repair, laparoscopic mesh surgery is the most preferred one. The inguinal region is close to testicular structures and nerves crucial for sexual function. Though the area might experience some swelling and bruising for few days after the surgery, there is no permanent harm caused to the blood vessels, nerves, or the sperm tube. In other words, the surgery wouldn’t normally result in erectile dysfunction. Though there are reports of the same in few.


Will it hurt?

For the first few days, right after the surgical treatment, it would hurt certainly due to the incisions and the body getting adjusted to the implanted mesh which is a foreign body. The doctor would anyway recommend to not get involved in intercourse for a stretch of time until the surgical area is completely healed.

Reported complications during sexual experiences:

People who have undergone a surgical treatment have actually reported of pain during sexual experiences. Studies reveal that around 16% of patients complained of postoperative sexual dysfunctions. There are reports of mild discomfort to severe pain with orgasm, and pain and inability to get an erection.

These complicated issues have resulted in lawsuits and legal actions by patients who couldn’t get back to their normal lives post hernia repair surgery. If you are one of those victims, you too shouldn’t delay in getting justice. Contact HerniaMesh.Today on (855) 631-5987 for a free evaluation of your case.

Ripped Meshes And Its Indications

Hernia, a sac of soft intestinal tissues passing through a weakened portion of the abdominal wall, is one of the most common ailments reported in America today. Most patients undergo abdominal hernia surgery, in cases when the hernia ruptures leading to uncontrollable pain and discomfort.


Abdominal Hernia Surgery

During the procedure, the surgeon cuts a small incision in the abdominal cavity to push back the displaced organs into the position. Next, a polypropylene mesh is inserted into the area, to strengthen it (weakened abdominal region) and prevent further hernia recurrences.

However, a huge percentage of patients have suffered from massive complications triggered by these implants. Many of them have reported:

  • Bowel obstruction
  • Chronic Pain
  • Organ Strangulation
  • Adhesion
  • Organ perforation
  • Mesh migration
  • Hernia recurrences

The signs of ripped hernia mesh

Hernia recurrences and chronic pain are some of the indicators of mesh breakage inside the patient. To be certain, doctors would need to conduct a surgical investigation on the patients.

Extensive strain or heavy physical can lead to hernia meshes getting damage. Besides that, shrinkage can also tear a net-like implant.

Over time, a minimized mesh can erode from its intended position, and break down into small pieces. The broken sections of the polypropylene mesh might migrate to different portions of the pelvic organs, puncturing the tissues in the process.


What can be done in case of ripped meshes?

Unfortunately, not much can be done for ripped meshes. The victim would require additional surgeries to repair the damages caused by the implant and might require to complete or partial mesh removal. These surgeries are risky and demand additional care for the patients.

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Common Hernia Mesh Complications Reported To The FDA

Did you undergo a painful secondary surgery due to defective hernia mesh? You are not alone.

Using surgical mesh to repair a hernia isn’t a new concept in the medical community. By 2000s, the mesh repairs accounted for more than 90% of groin-area hernia pain relief surgeries. A successful procedure with the mesh can reduce the recovery time and limit complications.

Unfortunately, patients still experienced pain, chronic infection, or hernia recurrence. In some cases, there are evidences where the complications led to life threatening consequences.

Disturbing rate of hernia mesh complications

If you have undergone surgery with Atrium C-QUR hernia mesh, Ethicon Physiomesh Composite, or patches made by Bard or Covidien, and suffered from serious complications, you have grounds to file a hernia mesh lawsuit.

An estimated nine out of every ten hernia surgeries in the US use surgical mesh; and studies show up to 20 percent of the patients suffer from post-operative complications.

Abdominal Hernia Surgery

Complications after hernia pain relief surgery

The hernia mesh lawsuits claim flawed designs of the meshes resulted in serious adverse complications and device failures. The following are the main side effects reported in the defectively designed meshes:

  • Adhesions – scar tissue are formed in between the bodily tissues which when left untreated can result in digestive problems, bowel obstruction, chronic pain, and infertility.
  • Severe infection – deep bacterial infections are at times formed around the defective meshes that can be difficult to treat. Most often, it needs additional surgery to tackle the condition. Research found hernia mesh infection rates reported are as high as 8 percent in the total number.
  • Bowel obstruction – a blockage of the small or large intestines can have severe consequences as it might constrict blood flow, causing part of the bowel to die.
  • Bowel and intestinal perforation – bowel perforation occurs when the flawed mesh erodes through the tissues or punctures them. This often causes sepsis or peritonitis that are life-threatening infection in the bloodstream.
  • Hernia mesh migration – Mesh devices can unexpectedly detach from the intended place and migrate to various parts of the body causing infection, fistulas, abscesses or organ perforation.
  • Mesh rejection – Materials and coatings used in hernia mesh products causes inflammatory response and complications.
  • Hernia recurrence – Hernia recurrence is a common that demands a secondary surgery. Ethicon pulled its Physiomesh devices in 2016 as it was linked with risk of hernia recurrence.


If you’ve developed an infection or other complications hernia mesh implantation, contact the team of Visit or dial (855) 631 5987 to find out more about the lawsuits.

Hernia Repair Gone Wrong? Find Legal Help

For those of you who aren’t aware of falling into the possibility of post-surgery hernia complications, take this read seriously because you might be eligible for a claim. Hernia repair surgery is recommended by doctors to provide support to the tissues or weak organ. But little do the patients know that careless mistakes made by manufacturers would cost them their lives. If you think you’re at an initial stage of some serious complications, then take a look at some of the symptoms.

Abdominal Hernia Surgery

Common symptoms of risks:

  • Difficulty in bowel movements
  • Redness or blood drainage from the incision area
  • Nausea and sudden flu
  • Excessive pain with swelling and bleeding
  • Fever over 101 degree
  • Abdomen becomes stiff

hernia pain

These symptoms might seem like it can happen after any major surgery. But if pay close attention, you would know that it’s serious and requires an instant consultation. Or if you have already faced these symptoms after a hernia repair surgery and could place your finger at the source of all problems, then this is it. You can file a lawsuit with the help of Hernia Mesh Today; they have a team of professional and experienced lawyers to help you. Visit or dial (855)631-5987 to talk an expert.

6 Probable Risks After Hernia Surgery

Hernia surgeries are done to create permanent or temporary solutions to support the organ. However, these procedures reflected serious signs of risk and side effects, causing hundreds of lives in danger. If you have gone through a hernia operation recently and faced regular discomfort, then you might be eligible for a claim. Check out these complications to understand and strengthen your case. Some of the potential risks are as follow:

Abdominal Hernia Surgery.jpg

3 Minor risks

  • Nerve damage
  • Severe infection
  • Return of hernia

These may seem familiar to you and quite minor; but if these problems are left untreated, it will add up in causing some major damages in your body. Just so you know, neglecting these problems can take a whole new turn and cause some of the following:

3 Major risks

  • Migration
  • Bowel obstruction

hernia operation.jpgSevere and life-threatening, that is how these complications can be defined. It doesn’t only leave you unhealthy and weak but breaks you finally, but you can compensate some of the losses by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturers.

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Risks Associated With Hernia Surgery

There was a time when the gap that the hernia bulged out of was simply closed and sewn shut. But new incisional hernias reappeared in the same place. So, the procedure was replaced with mesh surgery where a fine synthetic mesh was placed on the affected area to strengthen the abdominal wall. This abdominal hernia surgery can be either open or minimally invasive, and the mesh is attached to the abdominal wall from the inside.


Risks associated with the surgery

Usually, this type of surgery is considered safe. But typically like all surgeries, having your hernia removed comes with a number of possible complications. They include:

  • Infection of the wound
  • Blood clots: These can develop because you are under anesthesia and do not move for a long period of time.
  • Pain: In most cases, the area will be sore as you heal. But some people develop chronic, long-lasting pain after surgery for a groin hernia, for example. Experts think the procedure may damage certain nerves. Laparoscopic surgery may cause less pain than an open procedure.
  • Recurrence: The hernia could come back after the surgery. Research shows that using mesh can reduce your risk of this happening by half.

Abdominal hernia surgery can lead to injuries in the abdominal cavity leading to infection in the wound area. About 15% people experience pain after surgery, but it is normal to fade after few days or weeks. However, if the pain persists or tends to be chronic or permanent, chances are there that the nerves got damaged, or tissues stuck together, or the mesh being too tightly implanted.

When to contact the doctor?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact a doctor as soon as possible:

  • Difficulty making bowel movements
  • Excessive pain, bruising, or swelling
  • A fever around 101 degrees
  • Redness or drainage from the incision
  • Flu-like symptoms including nausea
  • Stiffness in the abdomen

Abdominal Hernia Surgery

Measures taken by the victims

The victims and sufferers of the risks associated with abdominal hernia surgery are eligible for filing a lawsuit against the device and its manufacturer. Thousands of lawsuits are being made, including some settlements worth millions.

If you are one among these victims, you can contact a trusted legal body to sue the mesh manufacturer. As a matter of fact, HerniaMesh.Today is a trusted name in regards to the same. Contact them on or call at (855) 631-5987 for details.

Were You Rushed Into A Hernia Repair Surgery?

Hernia, bulging of tissues through the weaker sections of the abdomen, is one of the most common health conditions. According to global health reports, in the last decade, more than a million patients have undergone hernia repair surgery with the help of surgical meshes to fix the condition.


However, many patients have endured multiple injuries after the procedure owing to these products. The following complications have made the life of the patients worse:

  1. Adhesions
  2. Mesh erosion
  3. Bowel obstruction
  4. Mesh rejection
  5. Chronic pain

Normally, victims require multiple surgeries for repairing the damages caused by the implant. In some cases, patients might need long term medical support to live their life.


Was the surgery necessary?

According to many scientific journals, many patients were probably rushed into the hernia repair surgeries. The procedure might be required only when the patient is in unbearable pain, or the hernia has triggered some life threatening complications.

Abdominal Hernia Surgery

With a huge number of hernia repair surgery, involving surgical mesh being performed each year, it is very unlikely that the hernia of all these patients have progressed into something that can cause life-threatening complications. In most cases, these patients were rushed into an unwanted surgery, and now are suffering from the complications caused by the net-like mesh.

Are you a victim of the product or suffering from the complications triggered by the mesh? Discuss your situation with the experienced lawyers of Hernia Mesh Today, and understand your legal options. For more information, contact or call (855)631-5987.